What is a third party intermediary?

When you engage a professional intermediary to represent you in any of the disciplines in which we specialize, you instantly remove the emotional roller coaster that may accompany these situations.

As skilled intermediaries, we are not lawyers, we understand the subtle nuances and techniques that are required for a successful outcome.  While no one can guaranty success, a professional with years of experience can many times secure a far more lucrative result for you and your business.

Additionally, utilizing a professional intermediary raises the image of your business with third parties whether the situation is adversarial or not, and gives you the benefit of our experience while maintaining a professional distance from the transaction.

As professional intermediaries, not lawyers, we provide a sense of importance and urgency without sacrificing key discussion and negotiation points.  From experience, we know what triggers desired responses and results.  We employ these techniques in a manner that strives to protect the integrity of your image and your company's reputation while seeking the most desirable result.

Examples of Success

LGLLC website pic

$250,000.00 Commercial Real Estate Financing

Distressed ownership, foreclosure imminent. Releases of Liens and mortgages; release of excess collateral; creative financing.




A 1031 Real Estate Exchange
Acquisition; financing; 1031 tax-deferred exchange.



$16,000,000.00 Condominium

Mixed use condominium, 90,000 SQ FT,

9 story development; Feasibility; property acquisition;

 planning; pre-sales; condo documentation; construction;

 contracting and financing.