There are various forms of leases. Most prominent among them are real estate leases and equipment leases. Real estate leases include ground leases and building leases. They can include options to purchase, obligations to purchase, rights of first refusal, continuing guarantees and other terms and conditions. Equipment leases also have terms and conditions such as buy out agreements, extension agreements, fair market value and other vital terms and conditions. Each is specific in its application and enforcement. Leasing companies and real estate owners are usually highly skilled and experienced in the form, function and operation of a lease agreement. For this reason, and due to the inherent complexity of lease terms and conditions, a trained Luzimen professional, including our affiliated Real Estate agency, ( Precision Realty ) when needed, is well suited to analyze your unique situation and recommend a path of action that can yield the best outcome for your business. Our team can analyze your situation, recommend a plan of action and provide a background report and presentation or proposal for settlement or re-structuring of your lease.