"Over the past two years, my Trust had an investment that required the services of a third party intermediary. The complexity of the issues required someone who understood the nuances of development and entitlements while negotiating with a neighboring Native American tribe regarding a trespassing issue along with highly complex water rights issues with the local utility. Because Trusts are highly regulated we required effective and qualified representation, and had the issues been turned over to attorneys, my multi million dollar development would have potentially stalled for years and perhaps never been launched. The focus, effectiveness and acuity of their process was impressive and well worth their fee."

B.E.M.  Beneficiary

Pensco Trust Company,



"Our firm is involved in construction and business development. We engaged The Luzimen Group to facilitate a settlement of a loan that had dragged on for years without resolution and had entered into litigation. The representative at Luzimen quickly and efficiently reconciled the issue, we saved a significant sum of money and all litigation was resolved to our total satisfaction, without having to use an Attorney. We have also engaged Luzimen for feasibility with regard to pricing for a commercial real estate lease. Again, their work was prompt and effective. All transactions were completely confidential."




"My business partner passed away and I had to deal with his widow as well as making a decision regarding the continuation of the business. Being in the robotics business (KUKA Robotics) we fabricated robotic diamond cleaning units for the diamond industry in Canada as well as other work for two National Labs which had huge potential. The representative from The Luzimen Group negotiated the settlement with my deceased partner's widow who was very emotional about the transaction after 14 years of ownership. Additionally, they prepared a new and innovative construct for my company which included a sales platform with a Tribal 8(a) and HubZone Teaming Partner. Our sales are growing and our pipeline is filling from entirely new markets and clients. They also realigned our ratio of fixed vs. variable expenses, increasing our profit margin. Their fee was a fixed fee and we knew the cost in advance. The value for their timely and effective service was outstanding."

DB Allegiant Global Technologies, LLC

"We had a serious slowdown in our business and were unable to continue in business, however personal guarantees were involved in our lease which complicated the issue. The Luzimen agent contacted the Lessor, crafted a resolution that made sense to the Lessor, and the personal guarantees were eliminated from the lease. Due solely to the efforts of Luzimen, the lease itself was eventually cancelled in its entirety. This not something we could have done ourselves due to the complexity and sensitivity of the issues. We highly recommend them."