Perhaps the most difficult and heart wrenching business event is the Business Break-up. It can be more painful than a marital divorce. The critical elements of such a break-up are fraught with sensitive financial issues including ownership percentages, capital, loans, guarantees, assets, liabilities, leases, licenses, taxes and dozens and perhaps hundreds of other issues, all of which must be reconciled.

Add to the above, the intense emotional aspect of a break-up and you have a recipe for a costly, disastrous and protracted legal battle where the partners or shareholders would likely receive far less. Additionally, running the business while the partners are adverse becomes even more difficult. The professionals at Luzimen can create the construct for a mutually satisfactory settlement. A major benefit of not going to court is that the settlement can be sealed and kept confidential. We have found that many times the settlement when reached amicably and in good faith, has preserved and restored the friendships that were built during the business relationship.


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