How many people know the term “Non Performing Asset?” This is a term and principle with which you must become familiar. What is an example of a Non Performing Asset? • An empty airline seat; • a vacant hotel room; • inventory that has been idle for an excessive period; • radio and TV time that is unsold by airtime; • vacant land; • unrented office space; • unutilized labor pool; • furniture, fixtures and equipment in storage; • your own time and specialty (especially if licensed) In some cases, the passage of time renders an asset useless such as in the case of an empty airline seat once the plane departs or hotel room that goes unsold and unoccupied. Others are simply wasting away as time passes. A Reciprocal Trade Exchange harvests the value of such an asset by exchanging it for something you need or can use. Vacant hotel rooms can be exchanged for advertising or food credits at a restaurant which can then be used to build packages for potential hotel guests. Vacant office space can be exchanged for accounting services or architectural services.Advertising space can be exchanged for a cruise. The list is endless. However, it is time-consuming and requires special skills. A Luzimen professional who is highly skilled in this specialty discipline can assist you in determining the extent and value of your nonperforming assets. This same professional can develop and implement a Reciprocal Trade Exchange plan to harvest the value in these non-performing assets.