If you are in business, you are likely to be involved in one or more adversarial situations from time to time. It is almost inevitable in today’s litigious society. The timeliness and protocol that you employ will many times determine if you have a positive or a negative outcome. Business owners are proud, hardworking and intense individuals who have convictions about their business and practices. Unfortunately, this can be a breeding ground for disputes and can drag a company and its owners into a bottomless pit of expense, wasted time and damaged reputation. No one wants to feel defeated, but common sense should prevail. A LuzimenThird Party Intermediary can many times reach an acceptable solution for the simple reason that the opposing principals are not engaged directly in the negotiation. Further, such a settlement can be sealed by the parties such that the agreement is confidential and not of public record. Running your business should be your sole focus. Leave the unsavory elements such as adversarial situations, to your Luzimen intermediary.